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Nate Nelson

Nate Nelson


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Born in the middle of the Bronze Age the future "Bastard of Canada" spent his earliest years reading old comics handed down from kin. This solidified his comics foundation in the Bronze Age.  It was during the start of the Steel/Dark Age that the comics boom of 1986 unlocked the desire to make his own comics.  This desire was fed by the false promises of the Speculator Boom, the same boom that left the comics industry mortally wounded.  The Bastard of Canada was seemingly lost, wandering without purpose for the rest of the Modern Era. However a spark of his love of comics remained. This spark turned back into a raging fire as he noticed the rise of variant covers, constant relaunches and company wide crossovers that had never really left. The Speculators were back to fleece readers while building IP to then move on to fleece a wider audience.  The Bastard of Canada knew it was up to him to buck these trends by making comics for today with the lessons of comics previous ages, mostly Bronze and early Steel Age. This is made possible with the aid of his Upstart allies. 


 Long Live ‘King’ Kirby 

I enjoy making comics that are odd or humorous, I grew up reading X-Men but have no desire to make comics that are similar. I think I take my style and taste for creation from comics more like Mirage Studios Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Groo the Wanderer. If I did do a super hero comic I would definitely look to the early 1980’s and modern comics like Copra for inspiration.  I’m open to collaborating with other writers and artists, though mostly wanting to work with someone who is skilled in my weaknesses (computers) someone who can letter and or colour.
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I write all my own comics, I also ink and pencil them traditionally!

Flip through a few of my comics, or download them as a PDF :)



All Those Weirdoz

Issue #6

Creator: Nate Nelson

All Those Weirdoz

Issue #5

Creator: Nate Nelson


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