Upstart Comics

Version One of Upstart Comics. A space for beginnings.

Taking a shot at page one

Well I’m running into a problem where I don’t really know what my main character looks like.  I should probably work on that in a sketch book, I wasn’t having a lot of luck on the tablet.  The background in this also is a little squigly because of the tablet.  I’m wondering if I am going to have to draw these by hand, and then get a good photo/scan to put them into the computer.

This is also a night scene, so I need to figure out if this is going to be a heavy BAW drawing with color over it, or a line drawing with the color adding the shape and contrast.

Landing Screen Layout Ideas

Here is my working concept for what the eventual landing page for Upstart Comics will look like.  That page will link to the comics, this blog (which will move to, and contact info.  I’d like to figure out a way to have the word balloon on the page receive a blog feed to display new issues releases, updates and such.

I’m wondering if I can figure out a way to have the bottom images scale to the bottom of the screen, there wouldn’t be scrolling ideally.  This being a comic reading site, I’d like to have some of that aesthetic carry over into the page layouts.  The drawing that goes in the corner doesn’t look a whole lot like me at this point, but its a decent placeholder.

Eventually there would be different comics all on this homepage that the user could click on to go to the various comic pages.  I’d like to keep them dynamic, but I need to look into how to make that happen in a web layout.

More Logos

Well they still aren’t there, but I’m closing in on a working logo.  I need to find a better font, similar to the middle design but with letters that are a bit wider.  As with the website as a whole, I need to bring this to a close soon so I can get to actually making some content worth posting here.  (Good or bad it will probably get posted, just so I can say I did something productive with my time.)

A bit better

This is slightly better, not incredibly embarrassing like a few posts ago.

Mouthwash via Paul J. Bearsworth

That last post was embarrassing, so I had to put something else up before I went to bed for the night.  Here is an abandoned start for a comic re-telling of Goldilocks I was working on for an iFanboy contest.  I actually like the idea, a noir-ish look at a broken Papa bear after the mysterious menace known as Goldilocks destroyed his life.  There were a lot of fun ideas in that world, an animal farm like place where anthropomorphic animals ran society.  The monkeys were the rich upper class, having invented and sold mechanical thumbs that allow the rest of the animal kingdom to use other tools they sell.  Old ways and culture falling by the wayside in the face of rapid technology and commerce growth as a result.  Paul J. Bearsworth sucked into a web of deception and heartbreak as he tries to hunt down a mysterious, possible human menace, known as Goldilocks.

The layouts I had were just for a short little story, and were fairly solid.  I just lacked the follow through.  I’m working on it Internet.  I’m working on it.

Illustrator is not my friend – a sketch.

This is the rough draft of what I am hoping my logo will look like one of these days.  I had the idea for the logo back in college, even used it in a story I was writing as the logo for a telephone company.  Unfortunately since then those “Above the influence” commercials have been airing, so I’m not sure what the status of an up arrow as a logo is these days.  This is an ugly first draft, but something to work from.

I’m a little embarrassed to put this up, I am really not good in Illustrator.  A hand drawn one would look better.  Oh well.  I’ll probably make a nicer one soon in Photoshop.  I can give that version to someone to build in Illustrator.

Formatting for fun and profit!

These are a few other images I have done for people over the past few years.  The two nursery rhyme illustrations were for the birthday of a friend’s daughter.  The Fenway Park images were for a Bostonian cousin who was married a few years ago.

The Nursery Rhyme drawings are 500 pixels wide, Fenway is 650 pixels.

Jumping ahead, like an idiot.

Well in thinking about what I want this website to one day be, and the functionality I’d like to figure out how to build, I started to jump about 12 steps ahead myself.  While its not a terrible idea for me to want to learn a programming language, at this point it would be another hindrance in creating actual content.  So instead of scrambling around looking at tutorials and web building solutions I should probably just focus on drawing.  Or maybe writing.   Or maybe editing the layouts I’ve been working on.


This was the most web ready of what I had at hand.  Not properly optimized mind you, but it’ll work for this first shot into the 1’s and 0’s of Internet.

This is a drawing of Hermione I did for a friend and fellow Harry Potter fan.  As Midwesterner in New York, prone to travel for weddings and family affairs, this image popped into my head when she disclosed to me how fastidious (nerdy) she can be when it comes to packing.